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About us

Our investment advice is based on fundamental research by a qualified team of companies’ analyst using a combination of qualitative & quantitative parameter done.


Experience of over 10 years in researching & advising personal finance instruments like Life insurance, Home Loan ,Car Insurance , Mediclaim & other investments services.

Our primary focus is YOU and end objectives are YOUR LIFE GOALS. We understand the risk return interplay and need to optimize your returns in that context.

Mr. Subhash Ramchandra Dhanawade

Mr. Subhash Dhanawade is one of the leading financial consultants with an experience of more than 10 years, Subhash Dhanawade is synonymous to a solutions provider who has been offering the finest solutions to the financial requirements of his clients. It is interesting to take a glance at the unique working culture that this company has adopted. It also spills a few beans about the success mantra of

Subhash Dhanawade works incessantly to cater to the needs of its clients as well as to keep itself updated. The 3 important arenas where the organization mainly concentrates are acquiring new clients, customer relationship management and management with good services. It may sound like a very common approach but the trick lies in the way works towards achieving these goals.

Goals of
• Understand the client’s needs.
• Provide Best option with the good returns.
• Build the client trust.

Benefits of planning with us…

1. Experience of more than 10 years in financial planning
2. Expertise knowledge in financial planning to cater your dreams
3. Unbiased advice, we purely give advice that is relevant for you and benefit you ( Client centric approach )
4. We are "Financial Doctors " and give "prescription" which gives relief from "financial problems"
5. Your data and plan will be kept absolutely private and confidential and won”t be shared with anybody for any purpose.
6. Your financial aspects and worries are outsourced to us and in turn our planning helps you to figure out how to meet your life goals

We follow well known financial planning process to prepare a plan.
Financial planning process.

1. Assessment of current situation
» Review of current investments & net worth
» Understanding your risk appetite

2. Wealth Creation

» Prioritizing goals and requirements
» Cash flow/budgeting/taxation
» Wealth creation strategy & Implementation

3. Wealth Management
» Restructuring Investment Portfolio
» Revising Asset Allocation
» Regular follow up and review of plan

4. Wealth Transfer
» Estate Planning
» Preparing Will, Transfer and distribution of wealth

MOST IMPORTANT – What are the key benefits of a financial plan?

» You come to know where you are at present
» Where you are going ( strategy to achieve goals)
» Investments done with a specific purpose
» Professional,unbiased,neutral and expert advice
» Your goals remain on track even though there are changes in life
» Focused on short, medium and long term goals
» Protection from financial crisis in unforeseen circumstances
» Your hard earned wealth will get distributed as per your desire
» Your money is managed by the professional financial planner

You need a CA for managing tax related matters, you need Doctor for health related problems, like that you also need a professional Financial Advisor to manage your Money in most efficient way and to create and manage Wealth for you.

Subhash Dhanawade can help turn your dreams into realities with the right advice to create and protect wealth for you, your family and for generations to come...
Mob.: +91 96 1919 4464 / +91 98 20 49 4464
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